St. Elizabeth CHS Prom
Hello St. Elizabeth this post will help you better understand what the prom committee is planning to do with each of these nominations, you may then go to our surveys page, take a vote as to which one of the nominations you would like to see become your DREAM prom, and !BAM! you just contributed to your senior prom ... but keep on the look out for more surveys that the prom committee will be posted because remember ...

Specific Decade/era
This can be anytime period ... leave your favourite time period in the comment's section. 
Example: The 1960's 

Think about a majestic time period in which it as Kings and Queens that ruled, Jesters and servants as the lower class ... with this choice there will be voting for a prom King and Queen.  Bring the back a blast from way back in the past with this choice

Starlight Gala 
Dress to impress, act like success! This is the main idea for this theme as it incorporates the high society of our time ... think of it as a regular "the OC"  night life party. 

Elephants, acrobats, and even tight rope walkers ... the circus is a wonderful and thought out place to be when you're a kid ... but don't over look it when having a circus theme for prom possibilities are endless. The prom committee will do its best to be as authentic as possible when it comes to articulating the wonderful and meaningful memories one receives from going to the circus. 

Fire & Ice
This magnificently contrasted idea, can be accommodated by colours themed as red and blue. 

Under the Sea
Welcome to Poseidon's world of underwater resplendent glory. This theme will be focused on underwater architecture and the prom committee will attempt to recreate the simple yet complex world that is underwater sea land. 

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